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Product Search - "Go4 USA" style

Search for Products Recently Added, In the Vicinity (within a 2-mile radius of your current location or any zip code), or by Name and a Category (or ALL).  You can filter any Product search using a name filter.

Directories & Favorites

Start a Product Search by Manufacturer or Retailer (Stores or Online).  Filter by Category (or ALL), for a single State or ALL (for Manufacturers), for a distance from your current location or a zip code (for Retail Stores).  All searches can use a name filter to find the Companies you know, and you can add any number of companies to a list of your Favorites to make future searches fast!

Shopping Lists

Simply tap a Product found at a Retailer using one of the five (5) Product Search methods, and a shopping list is created for you (products are automatically grouped by Retailer).  View a local Retailer on a map, or jump to a Product Page for an online Retailer!

Map & Directions, and more

See a Manufacturer, Retail Store or Service Provider on a Map.  Get Driving Directions right to their front door.  Call them or visit their website with a few taps.

Let's "Go4 Made in USA again"!

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About Us

"Consumers are not in the 'Made in America' movement, they ARE the Movement"


Our mission started in late 2011, but our motivation to get involved in the "Made in America" Community was stirred years earlier with our own shopping frustrations trying to find American-made products.  We wanted to create a mobile solution to help Consumers find - and help others find - products proudly bearing the "Made in USA" label, so we invested 2 man years to learn the tools and technologies necessary to move from the desktop solution environment to the world of mobile devices.

Our research discovered there were many websites with directories of American Manufacturers grouped into categories, showing a Company's logo, address, phone number and biographical information, and that take a visitor to a firm's online presence.  There were a variety of "Made in America" eCommerce sites listing or selling American-made products, but most carried a limited selection.  A hand-full of "Made in USA" focused mobile apps existed in 2010 - 2011, but most were not well-maintained or just contained static listings of Manufacturers.

What are the American-made Products sold in our area?  Who are the Retailers that sell them and which is closest to our location?  Can we learn who the Manufacturer is and are their products sold online?  How can we let others know about "Made in USA" Products that we find?  These were our burning questions, so..."Go4 USA" was born on December 11, 2012.

Mike Sessions / Co-Founder

Mike is a professional software developer with over 30 years of software development experience.  He has worked on successful projects in Risk Management, Financial, Investment Banking, Sales and Marketing, Entertainment and Engineering industries.  The companies include Merck, Taco Bell, Microsoft, Intel, Washington State DOT, Bank of America, Warner Brothers, Merrill Lynch, and Sempra Energy.

He created and manages the development of the "Go4 USA" mobile app and it's spin-offs, and has a passion for technology.

Mike lives in San Diego, CA, with his wife, and has known and worked with Gregg for over 24 years.


Gregg Harris / Co-Founder

Gregg is a professional software / systems developer specializing in turning raw data into clear and concise business information.  Over his 30-year career he has implemented solutions for companies of all sizes including Sempra Energy, Merck & Co. Inc., Bank of America Corp., Apple Inc., McGraw-Hill, Intel Corporation, SDG&E, and others.

He created and manages the back-end MySQL database (a SQL-compliant relational database) and all accompanying middleware web services using PHP (a server-side scripting language).

Gregg lives in Highlands Ranch, CO, with his wife and family, and has known and worked with Mike for over 24 years.


Go4 Made In America LLC

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