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"Team up!"

When it comes to saving and creating American jobs by generating awareness of the power of the Consumer, no single organization can "do it alone".

We are collaborating with our Sponsors, Affiliates, Partners & Friends, to engage Consumers in a variety of different ways, in order to make it easier to find "Made in the USA" Products both at local Stores and Online.


Plymouth Card Company

In 2005, Plymouth Cards was founded by Jode Brunson with the vision of providing the best possible photo note card products with the highest level of service, while positively impacting our environment, community and economy.  

As the new owner of the company I am passionate about the mission statement upon which the company was established. My goal is to build upon these principles and to positively represent ‘America’s Hometown’ and its values well into the future.

Our photo note cards are made with recycled paper and our manufacturer recycles 100% of their post-production waste. Plus all Plymouth Card products are proudly made in the USA.

- Lisa DiVasta


Working Person's Store

What does Made in the USA bring to mind for YOU?  Is it the idea of the neighbors in your community making a living wage providing things you need?  The concept that we produce merchandise in demand all over the world?  How about the fact that workingperson.com provides a galaxy of domestic-made items that includes Boots, Kneepads, Knives, Sunscreen, Socks, Oxford Shoes, Suspenders, Caps, Briefcases, Wallets, Chaps, Gloves, Belts and even more for your review?  Or that our Domestic-Made products are created by recognized brands like Thorogood, Wigwam, Filson, Gerber and many others?

Whatever it is you flash on, we're proud to support our American workers by making many of their products available to you at great prices. 


KettlePizza founder, Al Contarino, is an inventor who had a passion for grilling. That passion, however, was often frustrated whenever a grill lid was opened or removed and all the stored heat lost, stalling the cooking process.

So, in 2005, he started developing a new type of gas grill that maintained the heat despite an open lid. Countless hours and a substantial amount of money went into the patented design in hope of licensing to a major grill manufacturer. Five years later, after Al became completely frustrated with the challenges of the licensing process, he decided to focus his efforts on developing a product that he could design, manufacture and market completely on his own. This new product was KettlePizza.

All American Clothing Co.

Real American workers handcrafted our clothing right here in the USA.

When you purchase from All American Clothing you are helping our economy in so many ways! Not only is the clothing made in the USA, but so is the box it shipped in, our website is hosted here, the shipping companies are all from America, the people who built our building are USA citizens, etc...As you can see, buying one shirt or a pair of jeans that are Made in USA affects many jobs in many different industries.

Our clothing keeps people working in the United States.

Partners & Friends


BuyDirectUSA.com was created after we had sold gifts and collectibles for several years. It became evident that more and more products were coming from manufactures outside of the United States. Meanwhile, Many Americans were loosing their jobs and standing in line at the soup kitchens. We took notice and have built this site to help promote US Manufacturers and to help keep Americans Working.

Our Goal is to provide our customers with a pleasant online shopping experience by offering the products you want and providing you with the highest level of customer service. We designed BuyDirectUSA.com with you in mind. The ordering process is simple and secure using Geotrust encryption technology to ensure your information is kept private.

Made in America Co.

We are a nonpartisan organization that focuses on encouraging others to buy American-Made. We faithfully believe that buying American-Made not only gives you better quality products, but also supports hard working Americans and stimulates the economy here at home. Do your part and join the movement to help promote all things American-Made!

Made in America Co. was launched in December 2013 with one simple intention: to encourage others to buy more American-Made products. We started out as a small Facebook page with only a few hundred likes, but with the support of friends, family, and many other individuals and companies, we quickly grew and gained a lot of support.

American Workers Radio

To unite America's consumers and businesses, and increase employment opportunities in the USA, AmericanWorkersRadio.com is expanding its efforts. Over the years, America has lost millions of jobs to outsourcing and it's time for that to change. As America's consumers, we have to make change happen by stimulating America's manufacturing industries through our purchasing power.

The goal of American Workers Radio is to have an equal amount of American made products featured side-by-side with foreign competitors in stores across the U.S.A.

West Web One Network

When building your website, keep in mind that your website should represent you personally. After all, your website serves as your fingerprint to the world. Your website should provide all the information necessary for others to know what service or needs your business provides, as well as what separates you from the competition.

Web Design: We are a full service web design firm that will build a page to your needs and specifications.  No job is too big or small.


Ameriloop is a Social Insourcing Community dedicated to connecting American Manufacturers, Farmers, Suppliers, Retailers and their Customers. Our proprietary rating system will help customers and businesses make informed decisions about buying American products.

Our mission is to accelerate American economic growth and create new jobs. We will accomplish this by increasing the American Manufacturing / Farming base and domestic parts content in American Made products; resulting in greater availability of American Products in America and around the world!

Made in the USA Films

With devastating job losses across the United States, and potential new international trade agreements rising to the political forefront, Josh searches for the answers to what caused our manufacturing base to vanish. From economists, to historians, to business owners, Josh speaks with people from coast to coast and from all walks of life.

Josh has given a voice to the “Made in America” movement, and many have rallied to his call of discovery. Josh asks the haunting question, “We are willing to DIE for our country, but are we willing to BUY for it?

Life Is My Movie Entertainment

American Made Movie is a feature-length documentary that explores the decline in America’s manufacturing workforce and highlights innovative Americans across the county who succeeded in spite of a global marketplace that has driven-out American-made products by outsourcing and driving-down prices.

Directors Vincent Vittorio and Nathaniel Thomas McGill demonstrate that the American Dream is still attainable for future generations by featuring several small businesses that have seen success despite the ever-expanding global economy.


Founded by small business entrepreneurs who have a passion for creating and sustaining jobs in the United States. We hand curate products and services made by companies with this same passion. We also produce the only regular podcast dedicated to promoting Made in America, the American Made Movement podcast.

It’s about Americans helping Americans. Our goal is to shift attention away from purchasing outsourced products manufactured overseas and support the jobs here in our own backyard.

American Made Everything

We are an interconnect database of American made products and service. We list only American made products and service. We do not buy or sell products. We are a service directory for American Made Everything. We hope to provide consumers with American made goods and service which creates or sustains jobs in America.

Our goal is to create and maintain jobs in America through American spending.

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